Focusing on Executive Continuity

Given the challenge of recruiting highly qualified leaders, our goal is to shift recruiting from a reactive process to a more forward looking approach, focused on understanding and preparing for short and long-term talent risk.

Intake & Project Goals

  • Meet with leadership to review strategic direction and align on talent priorities.
  • Discuss external and internal risks related to strategy and talent readiness.
  • Finalize talent profiles, project goals, project milestones, and data refresh.

Market Analysis & Mapping

  • Initial market research and analyze key findings
  • Conduct talent mapping aligned to critical talent profiles and gather talent demographics
  • Prepare and share findings

Review Findings & Engagement Strategies

  • Present key findings and talent demographics
  • Review talent profiles, align on prospective candidates and discuss engagement strategies
  • Begin outreach to target candidates and facilitate exploratory discussions

Continuously Refresh Talent Pipeline & Engage

  • Incorporate additions and changes to the talent pipeline
  • Update market demographics and present updated information
  • Review and implement engagement strategies

Review business direction & shifts in talent profile

  • Review business direction with leadership and discuss changes to talent profile; Conduct supporting market research
  • Review market findings and discuss/agree on engagement strategies