About Mirador Talent Consulting

Specializing in HR executive recruiting, Mirador Talent Consulting is focused on identifying and engaging strategic human resource leaders who will enable your organization to meet and exceed business goals. Our mission is to create a long-term partnership that delivers real value by supporting your short and long-term success.

Brian P. Moorhouse - Founding Principal

Prior to founding Mirador Talent Consulting, I held executive recruiting and talent acquisition leadership roles at Liberty Mutual, Merck, Hay Group, JP Morgan Chase, and ARAMARK. During that time, I served on HR leadership teams and partnered closely with every major HR function to support their talent programs. I have also spent eight years in retained executive recruiting with two global executive search firms.

Over the last 20 years, I've worked extensively with leadership teams developing executive recruiting strategies to identify and engage highly qualified, diverse talent, who help drive organizational growth.

During my career, I've seen great leaders move organizations forward and poor leaders move them backward. I understand how critically important it is to find the right leaders who can engage teams and achieve business goals. Selecting the right leaders to help you maximize potential begins with a clear understanding of your business needs and objectives.